Don’t Sell Annuity Payments To JG Wentworth – There’s An Easier Alternative

When you are ready to sell your structured settlement annuity payments in exchange for ready cash, make sure you weigh the pros and cons of this complicated plan first. We are all familiar with the frequent TV ads of companies like JG Wentworth and Peachtree, which offer to negotiate the sale of your annuity. But do the commercials tell the whole story? There are some details that these firms are not that quick to advertise.

Fact: If you sell annuity payments, you will be subject to new taxes. Like it or not, you will incur taxes with the sale of your annuity. This instantly decreases the profit you’ll make from such a sale.

Fact: You will have to make your case to the courts. Annuity sales must be approved by the court. You will have to make a strong and detailed case as to why you need the money, and then hope that the courts agree.

Fact: It may be a long time before you actually receive your money. It could be months before you actually get cash in hand. Having to wait for the sale of your annuity to go through means you won’t get your money now.

Still, if you need money now, you might think these hassles are unavoidable. The good news is, there is a far simpler way to access your annuity funds.


There is an option to selling off your annuity – applying for a structured settlement cash advance. A cash advance is simply a fast, easy way to get cash right away. Here are some of the benefits of such a loan:

• Speed:
A cash advance loan is the fastest option when you need access to your money now. You do not have to gain the approval of a court for this transaction, so there is no lengthy legal process to endure. You’ll get the money you need, quickly – in many cases as soon as the same day you apply.

• No intrusive background checks:
Your employment record is nobody’s business but your own. This not a part of your eligibility for a cash advance and will not be checked. Furthermore, there is no restriction on what you can spend the money on, period. It’s up to you.


The answer is so simple, at Fast Annuity Advance, you can get $500 fast–in just 30 minutes, not days, weeks, and months. Here’s how to do it:

Call Fast Annuity Advance. You’ll answer a few easy questions about the terms of your annuity. There is no need to file an elaborate case with the court, or deal with attorneys and insurance companies.

Choose your amount. You can receive up to $500 cash. Pick the amount that’s right for you. This money will be interest free, as it should be.

Choose your location. Pick up your money on your own time, privately and conveniently, at the location of your choice. You can pick from dozens of options that are local to you, like CVS, 7-Eleven, Walmart, or many other Moneygram businesses.

Get your cash fast. If you call Fast Annuity Advance you could have your money in your hand in as little as 30 minutes if you qualify. The entire process is truly that easy and fast.

The bottom line is clear – when you need cash fast, there is no reason to sell your structured settlement annuity payments. Instead, give Fast Annuity Advance a call at 1-800-607-2713, and gain access to your annuity funds simply, safely, and quickly – as soon as today.