How do I qualify for a $500 structured settlement loan?
If you receive structured settlement annuity payments from a personal injury claim, lawsuit or other circumstance, you can qualify for our fast annuity advance loan and you don’t need to sell your structured settlement. With us, your structured settlement is money in the bank.

Does FAST ANNUITY ADVANCE work with all types of annuities?
We work with most types of annuities, but there are a few exceptions. These include workman’s compensation payments, divorce settlements, child support payments, unemployment benefits, retirement funds, pensions, trust funds, or social security disability insurance payments.

Do I need to sell a portion of my structured settlement to get my loan?
No. When you qualify with FAST ANNUITY ADVANCE there is no need to sell your structured settlement payments.

What documents do I need?
To verify whether or not you qualify you will need to answer a few questions, provide a copy or photo of your driver’s license, allow us to pull your credit and text us an agreement.

Will I have to pay interest on this money?
No. This is an interest-free structured settlement advance loan.

When will I have to pay this money back?

Payback terms are easy and flexible! This no interest loan is repaid in 10 monthly installments of $50.