Get Fast Cash You Can Trust, Without Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments

What does trust have to do with it when you’re looking for fast cash? Everything. Every day, we see ads on TV and online promising to get us money in exchange for selling off our Structured Settlement and annuity payments. But are there hidden pitfalls to these offers that aren’t being advertised?

The elaborate legal process that it took to get you your structured settlement in the first place was most likely time-consuming and stressful. Don’t be so quick to sell off that award until you’ve asked some important basic questions about the benefits versus the costs.

How easy is it to sell Structured Settlement payments?  Well, it does take time.  The legal process could take months.

What are the hidden charges not mentioned in the ads? Do you like paying taxes? Selling settlements unfortunately subjects you to new taxes from Uncle Sam.

Are these sales granted to everyone? No. A court must approve your request to sell a structured settlement.

Realistically, how fast does real money get to the seller once the process starts? Hang on tight because it could be months before you see the cash.

Reputable firms like Peachtree, Stone Street, and JG Wentworth will negotiate the sale of your awarded payments. However, there is nothing they can do to change the way the system itself works. Luckily, there is a better way to get cash, and get it fast.


It’s not necessary to go through the enormous hassle of getting a court’s approval to sell off your Structured Settlement payments. By applying for simple, easy cash advances, you can skip the complexities and go straight to the prize – money in your hand, today. Here are the clear benefits to our $500 fast:

– You do not have to deal with the courts.
No judge will look at your credit or assess your worthiness. You’ll be spared from the major headache of dealing with the legal system.

– What you do with your money is your business.
You don’t have to tell anyone what you plan to do with your own money. Pay bills, buy groceries, car repair– it’s up to you.

– Get your money in minutes, not weeks or months.
Why wait? When you apply for a cash advance loan you can access your funds right away, when you need it most.

Applying for a cash advance loan is easy, quick, and hassle-free. That’s a stark contrast to everything involved in a court-approved sell-off of your Structured Settlement, especially when you look at these options side by side. Those other big-name firms don’t allow you to receive no sale cash advances, but one trusted name does: Fast Annuity Advance.


When you need quick cash and don’t want the time-consuming hassle of trying to sell off your settlement payments, call Fast Annuity Advance and apply to receive fast cash loans. The application process is easy to understand, with no surprises. Here’s how it works:

Make the call. Dial 1-800-607-2713. You’ll answer some simple questions about the details of your settlement or annuity.

Decide on your amount. You can choose to receive up to $500 cash. It doesn’t matter what you want it for – use the money as you see fit.

Pick up the cash. Call Fast Annuity Advance and if you qualify, you could have your cash in as little as 30 minutes. It’s that easy. And the best part is you can arrange to pick it up at the Moneygram location of your choice, like major local stores including Walmart, Rite-Aid, Safeway, and many more.

These incredible features make our $500 loan from Fast Annuity Advance impossible to beat. Getting you the money you need, when you need it, is the top priority. That’s a deal you can trust.