How To Get $500 Fast On Your Structured Settlement Without Selling Off Your Payments

When all you need is a quick $500 cash, the last thing you want to do is reopen an elaborate court case or insurance company settlement. In most instances, finalizing the STRUCTURED settlement in the first place was so stressful and time-consuming that no one in their right mind would want to restart the whole process all over again. But when you need a cash advance on your Structured Settlement payments, do you have any choice?

Many people find themselves between a rock and a hard place when trying to balance immediate financial need with justified fears about dealing with the system.

I don’t have the time for another court case.
Selling your Structured Settlement payments will require a court approval and all of the red tape that goes along with it.

I don’t wish to explain what I need the money for.
When you seek court approval for the sale of your settlement, you will have to present the reasons you need the money. Your credit report and work history may be looked at as part of the decision.

I don’t want to pay new taxes on my money.
While Structured Settlement payments are meant to be tax-free, the sale of them is not. You will incur new taxes.

There is a far simpler way to receive the cash you need, now, without having to sell off your settlement or annuity. Consider applying for an easy $500 cash advance loan and skip the incredible hassle.


Have you seen ads on TV and online from companies like JG Wentworth and Peachtree? These firms will start the negotiation process of selling your settlement payments, but unfortunately they won’t be able to spare you from the drawbacks of this time-consuming operation. $500 Fast lets you leapfrog right over all of the bother and get to your money faster and easier.

Check out the reasons why cash advance loans are clearly easier than selling your structured settlement though the courts:

• Simplicity. You do not need to go through the courts to get a cash advance on your settlement or annuity. Nor will you have to deal with an insurance company or a bank.

• Speed. You can expect lightning-fast delivery of your money when you qualify for a cash advance. When you need extra funds now, there is no reason to wait.  This is an amazing advantage over the famously slow court system.

• Choice. With a cash advance on your settlement, you get to choose what the proper amount is up to $500. You do not have to justify to anyone why you need it, or haggle over the amount. When you’re ready to pick up your money, you even get to decide where. Unlike selling off your payments, cash advances put you in the driver’s seat.


A streamlined, easy process is priority one at Fast Annuity Advance. No one wants to deal with the headache of re-opening complicated settlement deals with the courts and insurance companies. With Fast Annuity Advance, you don’t have to. Applying for a quick cash advance loan today couldn’t be easier.

All it takes is one phone call. When you call Fast Annuity Advance at 1-800-607-2713, you’ll be just steps away from receiving the cash you need. Answer a few questions about the details of your annuity or settlement and you’re all set. No court to deal with. No pleading your case. No need to justify your expenses.

Choose the dollar amount you need. How much you need and what you need it for is completely up to you. Choose the amount up to $500 cash and spend it on whatever you like – pay off bills, fix your car, buy groceries, you name it.

Skip the wait – get your cash today. If you call Fast Annuity Advance you could have your money in your pocket in 30 minutes. Pick up the funds at local businesses like Rite-Aid, Safeway, Walmart, or many other Moneygram locations – whatever is most convenient for you.

The advantages of $500 fast are obvious – total freedom, total flexibility, zero hassle.
Call Fast Annuity Advance at 1-800-607-2713 and get $250 fast.