How Would You Spend an Extra $500 Cash?

With mounting bills and a seemingly never-ending list of life’s necessities to buy, most of us could use an extra $500 in the bank. Luckily, if you’re a structured settlement holder in need of some extra cash, the team here at Fast Annuity Advance™ has you covered.  We offer a same day cash advance of up to $500, without requiring you to sell your structured settlement payments!

Sometimes an amount like $500 is all you need to make a real difference and help you get ahead. For instance you could …

Get a jump start on your rent or mortgage payments.  If you feel dragged down by burdensome monthly living expenses, an extra $500 in your pocket could make the difference between paying your bills on time, and getting further in the red.

Repair your car or truck.  Whether it’s a tune-up or much-needed repair work, fixing the vehicle you use to drive to work or pick up your kid’s from school can provide peace of mind that you’ll get where you need to go without fail. Some call that kind of daily peace of mind “priceless.”

Get a checkup.   Let’s face it, doctors and dentists can dish out some hefty bills when it comes to getting a check-up. Not to mention the lofty cost of medications or prescriptions.  However, getting an annual check-up has proven to be money well spent.  A focus on prevention can improve not only your health, but the health of your family as well.

Upgrade that worn out appliance.  There are many home appliances we take for granted, right up until the moment they break down. Hot water heaters, furnaces – even washers and dryers — top the list of appliances that most of us rely on regularly.  So when they stop working, it’s a major inconvenience.

And so much more!  The bottom line is that $500 can go a long way, and it’s 100% up to you what you do with your same-day cash advance. Best of all, getting your $500 structured settlement advance is both fast and easy.

Call us and if you are a verified structured settlement or lottery prize recipient, you can receive $500 in 30 minutes.  The team at Fast Annuity Advance™ will wire the $500 via Money Gram®, allowing you to pick up your cash from dozens of service locations in your neighborhood, such as 7-Eleven®, Walmart ® or CVS ®.

If you are receiving structured settlement payments from a personal injury claim, lawsuit or other circumstance but don’t want to rush into selling your settlement, call 1-800-607-2713 to get your $500 Fast!