Selling Your Structured Settlement to Peachtree: Is It Worth It?

Many people are nervous about selling off their Structured Settlement payments, with good reason. The complexities of these sales can be confusing to navigate if you don’t have a strong advocate to help guide you through the process. The familiar bombardment of ads and offers from companies like Peachtree sound good at first, but often leave many questions unanswered.

Will this be an easy process? Unfortunately, selling your Structured Settlement payments or annuity is not as easy as snapping your fingers. You should be prepared for a process of interviews, paperwork, and unpredictable delays.

Will I have to return to court? Even though you may have already had your fill of legal proceedings and insurance companies, you will have a new round of court approvals to make the sale.

Will I have to explain why I want the money? Yes, you will have to make your case as to exactly why you want to alter the details of the original settlement in order to sell your annuity payments.


Luckily, there is an easy, legal alternative to the elaborate process of selling your structured settlement payments. Call Fast Annuity Advance and ask for a cash advance loan. This alternative method allows you to:

• Get cash quickly. When you find you need extra cash, you can can get a fast cash advance loan without jumping through hoops. Typically, you can get the funds in your pocket in 30 minutes.

• No court involvement. Tired of dealing with the legal system? No one would blame you. A cash advance does not require the approval of a judge, or a trip to court.

• Zero interest. With a cash advance loan, you will not get slammed by secret high interest rates. You get to keep all of the money you have coming to you. Invest in your own life – not in a bank’s interest rate.

• No employment checks. Your current employment status has nothing to do with this type of cash advance. You will not be judged or asked why you need the money. That subject is private and completely up to you.

Unfortunately, many big firms like Peachtree don’t offer a simple cash advance program. When you need cash, without the inconvenience of selling off your payments through the courts, look for a trusted name to get you the money you need, quickly.


If you need cash now, you are just one phone call away from $500 fast. It’s really that easy. Call Fast Annuity Advance at 1-800-607-2713, answer a few brief questions to confirm your Structured Settlement or annuity, and you’re all set.

Get your money when you want it, where you want it. If you call Fast Annuity Advance you could have your money in as little as 30 minutes. There is no court process and no lengthy waiting period. Don’t feel like driving to some far off insurance office or bank? You won’t have to. Your money will be waiting at the Moneygram location of your choice, like a local Walmart, Rite-Aid, 7-Eleven, or one of dozens of participating businesses close to you.

Sound like an easy decision? It is. Make a quick, easy call to Fast Annuity Advance and get the cash you need, today.