You Don’t Have To Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments To Receive $500 Fast

You may have seen ads telling you to sell your Structured Settlement payments in order to get cash upfront. But when all you’re trying to do is get a portion of the money that is already legally coming to you, dealing with the intense hassle of selling Structured Settlement payments may be more of a headache than it’s worth.


The court has decided that you are entitled to a fair settlement – this is indeed a cause for celebration and relief. But what if you can’t wait for the next check to arrive, and need cash today? The process of selling off your payments in advance to a firm like JG Wentworth or Peachtree is one possibility, but this complex procedure can be daunting. Be sure to ask the important questions before you embark on this sometimes confusing path:

• Will I have to pay taxes?
One of the great advantages of Structured Settlement payments is that they are supposed to be tax-free. However, when you sell Structured Settlement payments, you will be subject to paying taxes on your money.

• Will I get the money fast?
Unfortunately, how fast you’ll get your money is anyone’s guess. Selling off a portion of your settlement or annuity is a complex legal process, and as you may already know from your original settlement case, legal proceedings take time.

• Will I have to go through the courts?
It may seem like you just finished the time-consuming process of dealing with court approval. However, if you attempt to sell your future payments, you’ll need to have every detail approved by the courts – again.


The bottom line is, you should be able to access your money when you want it, without jumping through hoops or paying unnecessary taxes. In a sense, this money already belongs to you, and what, where, and how you receive it should be up to you.

Now, it’s possible to get a cash advance loan on your Structured Settlement or annuity without having to sell Structured Settlement payments off, or alter the details of your award from the court in any way, leaving you free to spend it exactly as you see fit. What are the advantages of a cash advance?

– No interest. 
– No employment check. 
– Lightning fast delivery. 
– No courts to deal with.

Sound like a win-win? It is. If you need a cash advance, there is absolutely no reason to sell off parts of your settlement.  This money has already been awarded to you… now it’s time to do the research and find a name you can trust to help you get that cash in your pocket – today.

Don’t Sell Structured Settlement Payments – Call Fast Annuity Advance Instead And Get Cash Today

What if receiving a cash advance on your settlement was as easy as walking into your local grocery or convenience store? It is. Unlike the elaborate and confusing process you’ll face attempting to sell your settlement payments through the courts with firms like Peachtree, at Fast Annuity Advance getting your money couldn’t be any easier.

But what about the application process? All you have to do is make one call. In fact, once you call 1-800-607-2713 and demonstrate proof of your Structured Settlement or annuity, you could get cash in your hand within 30 minutes.